Pole Unique is the International Pole & Fitness instructors training courses, first endorsed qualifications in Slovakia according SPSAF and focus on development of common standards for teacher training,development professional skills, preparation of specialists of the highest level all over the world.

Internationally recognised & endorsed courses.

Collaborates with SPSAF, MSSR, IPSAF, IPSF

Our pride – it is our quality.



  • The highest quality 
  • Internationally recognised and a priority in the work 
  • PU Experts – University professors, CMS, accredicted masters.
  • Unique authors teaching system 
  • Professional approach to the construction of the courses structure 
  • Improving the Pole career ladder 
  • Continuous development 
  • Client сonfidence
  • The listing on the SPSAF qualified instructor register for profiling and employer resourcing.

With POLE UNIQUE, you will know everything from Human anatomy, safe spotting techniques ect…to advanced and new acpects in Pole Activities and Pole Industry.
Remember ! Your clients just waiting to be a taught by a professionals

PU Courses avaliable to host:

  • DEGREE 1 
  • DEGREE 2 : 
  • 2A
  • 2B
  • DEGREE 3 
  • DEGREE 4 

All levels of the course consist of three parts:
Full courses 2 days ( 17 hours)
Express courses (2A, 2B) 1 day (10 hours)
Written part (Tests)
Practical part ( Skills)

All participants will receive tutorials, workbooks, comprehensive training manuals, covering all aspects necessary to prepare for certification.

Host POLE UNIQUE Сourses in your country:
Please contact slovakpolefederation@gmail.com for details

Below you can find a detailed description of the DEGREE programs :

1. Theoretical knowledge
We will supply you with tutorials, workbooks , comprehensive training manuals ,covering all aspects necessary to prepare for certification. Introduction Pole Activities. The Basis. Difference. Principles of training. Health and safety regulations and insurance. Human Anatomy. Building training: structure of training, goals and objectives.Psychology of communication.
Tricks groups. Learn 100 pole moves & tricks, transitions.Technical value.
Technique tricks, spins, climbs ect. Pole grips. Work in three levels. Moves requirements. Building combinations and transitions. Safety precautions.
Exam consists of written and practical parts.
Written part is a test ,based on the knowledge, covered during course. Passing grade – 75% and more.
On a practical exam will be assessed your skills, performance elements with appropriate requirements, verbal explanation.
If necessary – answers to additional questions.
Passing grade – 75% and more.

In the case of not successfully passed the practical or written part of exam the candidates will be offered the opportunity to retake the exam within one mounth from the date of the exam.
Candidates may reassessment once for their practical, written part of exam. Failure to pass a second time will result a retaking the course.
Course Cost: 549 EUR

Express intensive course DEGREE 2A is designed to
- Expanding and deepening knowledge in the field of pole dance & sport received after the first level of training.
- Study of elements and combinations.100 more complicated tricks.Technical value.
- Study of the methodology of composing combinations and transitions.
-Use of more advanced methods that require precise skill and preparation.
- Rotations and combined rotations.
- Work in three levels.
-Principles of nutrition to ensure a balanced force when working on the pole.
Exam.Passing grade – 75% and more.
Course Cost: 330 EUR

Venue: Bratislava, Namestie Martina Benku 12 or venue in your Country 
Book or detail info: slovakpolefederation@gmail.com