SYNIACHENKOSTARSTUDIO, Pole Dance studio Bratislava, has three skill levels of classes: Beginners, Intermediate, Advance. You can study for any of these training programs, both at the group sessions, as well as individually on personal training.

Pole Dance – dance on the pole, which combines the performance of acrobatics, choreography and grace on the static and dynamic pole. In our studio classes in the following areas:

Pole Sport (Pole Fitness) – sports dance on the pole, which valued the difficult acrobatic, gymnastic, power tricks and combinations in conjunction with the choreography.

Pole Art (Pole Choreography) – dance direction in which special attention is paid to choreography, artistry, artistic aesthetics and image.

Exotic Pole – sensual strip dance at the pole, performing dance bunch on the floor.

Stretching – a complex of gymnastic exercises to develop flexibility, elasticity of muscles and ligaments. Systematic studies Stretching helps improve posture, coordination and the splits.

Male Pole – Power pole classes for men. The emphasis is on performing complex tricks based on strength and endurance.

Aerial (Hoop, Silks) - Exclusive dance direction on a gymnastic hoop. It looks very spectacular, and perform tricks on the air hoop develops coordination, strength and grace. Aerial Silks – bewitching dance on aerial silks. Program of studies focuses on the development of flexibility, plasticity and flexibility of ligaments.

Сlassical Сhoreography – the essence of the art of dance. Discipline that combines dance moves, choreography, aesthetic beauty and cultural education a dancer.

Baby Pole – pole dance for kids. Children aged from 10 years are engaged an adapted program, including gymnastics and acrobatics. The program is designed for harmonious physical and dance development of the child.

Personal Course – personal training with the instructor, development of individual program for each client to achieve specific goals. The creation of dance performance, preparation for competitions and performances. 

Courses trainers Pole Dance & Sport (Trainers certification) – training program includes theoretical knowledge and practical training (starting from the structure of the human muscular system to the latest cutting-edge trends Pole Dance).
A huge number of coaches around the world were trained by a single author’s program Sinyachenko Polina and use it in their practice.

The program of healthy eating – the development of a particular system of Action for Nutrition, individual selection of food, consulting a qualified professional.

Subscription – 10 lessons.

The duration of the subscription is 1 month.

Cancel classes strictly 24 hours before training. Otherwise, the missed lesson is paid.

Dress Convenient training sportswear: shorts, top, leggings, leg warmers, socks – to the store.